Letter From the Chief Vibe Officer

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Letter From the Chief Vibe Officer

I’d like to tell you about the Which Wich guest service philosophy called Sandwichfaction Guaranteed®. It states: We guarantee all wiches. If you are not 100% satisfied with one of our wiches at the time you receive it, simply return it for a replacement, refund, or both.

Which Wich’s commitment to total guest satisfaction has been a tenet of this brand since I first opened the doors in December 2003 in Dallas. Originally it was published as the founder’s guarantee on the Which Wich website, but recently we’ve taken it a step further, by printing it proudly on the new Which Wich 32-ounce souvenir cup. I’m backing up this claim with my face, title, and signature, because that’s how much I believe in it. If we don’t deliver superior service and sandwiches at the store level, I’m prepared to make good on the Sandwichfaction Guaranteed promise myself.

However, Sandwichfaction Guaranteed doesn’t apply only to sandwiches. This bold statement is our announcement that we stand behind everything we sell, from our salty snacks to our just-out-of-the-oven cookies to—perhaps most important—our service.

At Which Wich, we spread good vibes, in the form of superior service. We want you to walk away from our stores feeling 100% renewed, refueled, and satisfied. There’s no reason to have an inferior experience at a superior sandwich brand.

Best wiches,

Jeff Sinelli signature


Which Wich CEO Jeff Sinelli Talks About Sandwichfaction Guaranteed® from Which Wich Superior Sandwiches on Vimeo.

JEFF SINELLI IS FOUNDER, CEO, and CVO of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches. What is a CVO? It’s the chief vibe officer. You may think it’s silly, but at Which Wich, we live the vibe. Heck, we even wear the vibe. You’ll never see Jeff in a suit. Every day he sports head-to-toe Which Wich-approved gear, from his logo golf shirt and blue jeans to his wickedly customized black and yellow Nike ID sneakers. He likes to call himself a human sandwich board. But we’ll just call him Which Wich’s chief ambassador. After all, this brand is his baby.

mmmm, cookies

Jeff Sinelli