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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Which Wich® offer gluten-free bread?
A: At this time, we don’t offer gluten-free bread. However, we know it’s a hot topic—and important to many of our guests—so we’re doing the research. Check back with us anytime.
Q: I’m a vegetarian. What can I eat?
A: First of all, we’d recommend staying away from meat, natch, so the Wicked® is definitely out. But we do have a righteous selection of vegetarian sandwiches: caprese (tomato, mozzarella, and pesto) tomato & avocado, hummus, black bean patty (delicious with avocado), and our famous Elvis Wich (peanut butter, honey, and banana, baby).
Q: Where can I find nutritional information?
A: That’s an easy one. Check out this chart.
Q: Where can I find allergen information?
A: Another easy one! (Next time you need to challenge us, okay?) Allergen information is on the same chart with the nutritional information.
Q: Where can I view the entire Which Wich menu?
A: We’ll do you one better. You can view the whole menu AND build your customized wich. Then, when you’re all done, you can print out the bag and take it to the nearest Which Wich.

Q: Where can I find the ingredients for _______? (Yes, you should fill in the blank.)
A: Our guest relations department has a crazy-big binder filled with that kind of stuff. Send ’em an e-mail at

Q: Is Which Wich a publicly traded company?
A: Which Wich is privately owned. But if it were public, we’d want to buy stock too!
Q: I want to change my location in the Vibe Club.
A: Did anyone ever tell you that you’re high maintenance? Sheesh. Luckily, our guest relations department is filled with sweet, patient people. E-mail your request to
Q: How do I check my Road to Wiches points?
A: A better question might be, what the heck is Road to Wiches? It’ s an e-loyalty test program available only in the Houston market. If you’ re in Houston, and you have a Road to Wiches card, then checking your balance is easy breezy. If you haven’ t already, you can register your card on the same page you check your balance.

Q: How do I make a donation request?
A: We love giving back! But Which Wich is a franchise-based system, so this question needs to be directed to a particular store. Please fill out the online submission form. Select the location nearest you, and choose “donation request” under Contacting Us About.
Q: Where can I purchase Which Wich gift cards?
A: Wow, your taste in gifts is impeccable! Which Wich gift cards are only a click away.
Q: How do I check the balance on my gift card?
A: The same place you buy them, of course. Look for “check your gift card balance here” near the bottom of the page.
Q: I have applied for a job at a Which Wich store. When will I hear back?
We don’t blame you. Which Wich is a pretty rad place to work. Because we are a franchise-based system, each store is independently owned and operated. The franchisee of that store will get back to you if there are positions available.
Q: I signed up for the Vibe Club, but I haven’t received my welcome e-mail with the free wich coupon.
A: If we were waiting on a free wich, we would be sad too! If you signed up online, your welcome e-mail should be sent within 48 hours of that date. If you signed up in a store, please allow two weeks for processing. If it’s been more than two weeks since you signed up in-store, please e-mail
Q: When is Which Wich coming to my neighborhood?
A: Someone told us that patience is a virtue. But we wouldn’t want to wait for a Which Wich, either! Our franchisees are building stores across the country, but it’s possible we don’t have a franchisee in your area. To find out, please e-mail If there is no franchisee in your city, and you know someone interested—hey, that could be you!—then send that person our way.

Q: How do I find the closest Which Wich?
A: Through our store locator. Just type your zip code or city and state into the search box. Or, check out this list of all locations.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Hours vary by location. To get information about a specific store, use the store locator.
Q: How do I find out about store openings?
A: We get so excited about new stores that we tend to blab about them. We post on our blog, change our status on Facebook (um, you should totally like us!), and tweet—sometimes more than once! If you’d like to get our tweets, then follow us on Twitter!
Q: Why doesn’t your menu have prices on it?
A: Prices may vary slightly from store to store. For pricing at your Which Wich, type your zip code or city and state into our store locator and download a menu.
Q: Can I fax in an order?
A: Sure you can! To order via fax, you need to select a location, download a menu, fill it out, and fax it in! The correct fax number is on the order form. Just remember to call the store to confirm your order before you pick it up.

Q: Do these pants make me look fat?
A: We plead the fifth. But we’ll gladly join you for one of our healthy wiches with 400 calories or less! To learn more about our better-for-you options, check out our nutritional info. Also cool: you can calculate the calories of your wich as you build it!

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WE HEAR FROM PEOPLE like you every day, so we put together a list of answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. (Thankfully, we didn't have to do any math.) If you can't find what you seek, you can contact us. Or take a look-see at our franchise FAQ.

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